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LMS & RLS adaptive filters
Compiling shared Octave libraries
A Java applet for plotting the response of a filter using Pole/Zero placement
Spartan3 programming tools for GNU/Linux

About this website

The contents of this website are centred around my personal interests in digital signal processing. This website provides computer programs that I have written to assist my own learning of DSP topics.

Computer programs

Most of my programs are written to help understand specific DSP topics and are not intended to be quality application programs. The most likely way that new features will be added is by someone else modifying my code which I certainly promote provided:

Most, if not all, of the source code is written to compile and run using GNU/Linux. Sometimes additional libraries will be needed to support my code. Most of my code that has a GUI will need Trolltech's Qt or Qt2 libraries. This may prevent users of the lesser operating system being able to use the source code without modification. I intend making some Java applets, they should run in most web browsers on most operating systems.


Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the programs give correct results no guarantee is made.

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